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I did it! Well almost. I completed a daily art challenge.  It’s a challenge that is hosted by Melissa Doty, she gives you 3 prompts a day and the goal is to at least use 2 of them and work in a square format, thus the name SQUAREATHON.

I say almost because I completed 18 out of 21 days which for me is a record!  I don’t talk about this much but I have ADHD, and I know it’s not an excuse, some people are very successful in spite of this.  But for me one of the big things is that I have trouble finishing things.  I love to start new challenges and new projects and have lots of ideas but lets just say that I have trouble following through.

Sometimes it’s OK to move onto the next thing, and i’m ok with that.  In the last couple of years I’ve accepted that that’s just the way I am, and that’s OK. (I suffer from the shiny object syndrome) 


Over the last few years I’ve started (or thought of starting) many challenges, and never finished any.  I would manage to do a few days in a row but I never got past 14.  Three things worked in my favor this time around that helped me (almost) complete the 21 days. 

1. I’ve been dealing with vertigo so i’ve been couch bound for the past few weeks.

2. First thing I do in the morning before going to the couch is take my iPad with me and start.

3. I let go of the guilt of not finishing.

I found that by doing the drawing challenge first thing before eating or while eating (they overlaped sometimes) I was able to do most of them.  And if for some reason I didn’t get a day done, I let it go and worked on that day’s prompt.  Maybe I’ll go back to the ones I missed or maybe not.  There’s another challenge i’m looking at for October.  This one will require a bit of planning but since the promt list is already out, I’m planning to take an afternoon and do a bunch of rough sketches so that all I have to do on the day of is colour!

You can see all the prompts I did on my Instagram but here are some of my favorites:


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